About Domenico’s on the Wharf

Are you looking for restaurants in Monterey CA that can take you on a culinary journey? Let our caring, attentive staff be your guide starting with a warm greeting at our front door. Take in spectacular ocean views as you sip an amazing glass of wine from one of our local vineyards or beyond. Our homemade appetizers and fresh, wild-caught seafood honor our family’s fishing traditions, and we proudly offer the setting, ambiance and delicious dishes that have delighted diners since 1981. Domenico’s On the Wharf is at your service daily for lunch and dinner, 11:30 a.m. until closing, and we recommend reservations. Our lively happy hour runs from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m daily. Make a Reservation.

Domenicos on the Wharf Cioppino

Casual Fine Dining: Seafood Monterey Style

Since 1981, Domenico’s On the Wharf has served up a wonderful selection of wild, sustainable local and Alaskan seafood.

As one of the established restaurants Monterey locals enjoy here on Fisherman’s Wharf, Domenico’s is known for consistently gracious service and the very freshest seafood. Our warm atmosphere and family-style hospitality create a casual fine dining experience framed against the beautiful backdrop of Monterey Bay.

We invite you to select from our award-winning wine list while you enjoy seating at a table with striking views of the harbor. It only takes one visit to fall in love with the cordial style and wonderful flavors that charm first-time guests into becoming regular members of our restaurant family.

Home on the Wharf and the Seas

As an introduction, we’re the Mercurio brothers, Dominic and Sam. We’re glad you feel at home here at our restaurant because Fisherman’s Wharf has been our home since the 1960s. Our family roots reach back to fishing traditions established around Monterey Bay that followed seasonal journeys chasing the freshest catch. Those routes started with a local sardine harvest, stretched north to Alaskan waters teeming with salmon and swung down to South America for tuna fishing. Today, the boats and crews still fish off the California and Alaska coasts to bring you the fresh, sustainable bounty that makes Domenico’s On the Wharf one of the finest seafood restaurants in Monterey CA.

We honor the fishing legacy and Sicilian roots that give us a natural love for fresh seafood and the open water. Our father, Jean, was one of the first fishermen who established a livelihood here in Monterey, and our uncle, John Pisto, owned the original Captain’s Gig on the Wharf. Following family traditions, Sam became a successful commercial fisherman while Dominic and Uncle John opened Domenico’s in 1981. We still work closely side by side every day, and run the restaurant together with the help of Sam’s wife, Angeli.

Domenicos on the Wharf Sam and his son fishing
Domenicos on the Wharf Dominic
Domenicos on the Wharf Sam fishing
Domenicos on the Wharf Sam and his son fishing

Close Ties to the Fishing Community

We’re very proud of our personal ties with the local fishing community. Please allow us to brag just a little: We’re very well-known as one of the favorite restaurants Monterey fishermen choose when they dine out. Because we enjoy a close working relationship with local fishermen, we can always offer you the very best, freshest seafood available. Our good friend delivers spot prawns daily to our dock, along with our red king crab. Yes, we’re big fans of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Next to the wild-caught, sustainable seafood Monterey has to offer, we also serve the wild salmon that Sam brings home from Alaska every year on his fishing vessel, the Unbelievable. Our family’s ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible fishing continues to earn our restaurant highest accolades from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a coveted spot on their Seafood Watch List. We open our restaurant doors every day with deep respect for our family’s long history and a strong sense of responsibility to the local community. You have our promise here at Domenico’s On the Wharf to always serve the freshest, sustainable seafood with pride, tradition and love.